For lovers of hiking and high altitude, the top of Monte Rocciamelone is a must.

In about four hours you can reach the top (altitude of 3538 m above sea level), where there is the highest European shrine dedicated to Our Lady and where, in 1899, Alpini placed (with many hardships) a bronze 3 m high statue of the Virgin.

In the middle of your excursion, at an altitude of 2854 m, there is the refuge Cà d’Asti (time spent to reach it 2 h), where you can make a stop before continuing your journey.
On August 5th we celebrate Our Lady of the Snows, with the celebration of the Mass on the top. To carry out this excursion, hiking boots are a must.

For the less experienced beings, it’s possible to walk along trails in the woods and reach the settlements of Trucco (time spent to reach it 20 min), Tour and Verdette (time spent to reach it 45 min), perhaps making a stop in one of the pastures of the area to buy toma and fresh butter or following the road reaching the pasture Arcella (time spent to reach it 1.15 h), a very scenic route where you can admire the valley of Grange Sevine, a town which assisted to the unfolding of a battle between Partisans and Germans during the war of ’40-’45.

Continuing on the path GTA beyond the pasture Arcella, it is possible to reach the hill of the Iron Cross (2558 m), a pass that leads to the valley of Viù.

Accessible on foot (time spent to reach it 1 h) and by car, it’s the fort of Pampalù, built in 1891 as a defensive system behind the fortress of Moncenisio, thanks to its strategic location on the city of Susa and the entrance to the Valley Cenischia. Today the fort is unfortunately left with its consequent degradation.